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Warhammer 40K Codex: Orks (2021) -sääntökirja

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  • Välttämätön sääntökirja Ork armeijalle
  • 136-sivuinen sääntökirja sisältäen taustatarinaa sekä armeijan säännöt
  • mm. Warlord Traits, Relics, in-depth Crusade rules, 61 datasheets sekä paljon muuta
  • Kieli Englanti

Valmistajan tuotekuvaus Englanti:

This 136-page book contains a treasure trove of background information covering prominent Ork conflicts from the past and present, accompanied by stunning artwork and galleries of painted miniatures. Codex: Orks grants you a detailed look into the organisation of Ork armies, be they small planetary raiding forces or monstrous Waaagh!s, as well as the troops, leaders, and war machines that fight among them. The book also has everything you need to know to field them in battle on the tabletop, including 61 datasheets, 7 Clan Kulturs, Stratagems, Relics, and more.

Inside this hardback codex, you'll find:

– Thrilling tales of legendary Ork escapades, from war on a galactic scale to smaller, more 'covert' operations
– All of the army rules you need to play games of Warhammer 40,000 with your Ork miniatures, including 61 datasheets covering every available unit
– Lore on the six greatest Clans and the Freebooterz, including their unique kulturs and how Orks structure their armies
– Detailed matched play rules, including dedicated secondary objectives
– A full suite of rules for playing narrative Crusade games including Agendas, Battle Traits, Requisitions, Crusade Relics, Scrap, Might Makes Right, and more

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Games Workshop
Codex: Orks (2021) 9th edition
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